took in a sentence

I took the decision to work only on commissioned work.

Sardar Patel took part in the ‘Quit India’ movement of 1942, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

I took out my dagger to scare him.

He took troubled to help you.

The cops took after the robbers.

It was a dreadful sight where the accident took place.

I took the coin from her reluctantly.

He took a vow to wipe out this social evil.

It took me years to build up my savings to this level.

Last Sunday, my husband took me to a good restaurant.

He took to his heels and ran away to save his life.

I took a deep breath to regain my composure.

I took him for a thief.

He only took the jobs that paid really well.

We took our relationship to the next level after some time.

He took me to several places.

She took great care of me.

I took pity on the him.

This picture is beautiful to took at.

The thief took to his heels when the policeman arrived.

The match being over, we took a short rest.

He took offence at my words.

I took casual leave for two days.

I took my umbrella with me.

He took pains over his work.

The angry protestors took out an effigy of the leader.

The division of India took place in 1947.

He took a big bite out of the apple.

The robber slit the man’s throat and took his watch.

She took a nibble from the piece of bread.

She took some time-out from her busy schedule.

He took the child gently in his hand.

This event took place in my absence.

She was so proud that she took no notice of me.

As soon as the thief saw the policemen, he took to his heels.

She took no notice of me.

I took him to the hospital.

They took no notice of me.

He took up the job to earn money.

He took over the charge of protecting us.

They took away whatever valuable they found.

I took part in the celebration.

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