thinks in a sentence

He always thinks of the old, the weak and the sick people.

Conscious mind is that part of our mind which reasons, thinks, discriminates, contemplates and analyzes.

A person who thinks he knows everything has the most to learn.

He thinks of  liquor even in the day.

He thinks of liquor even in the day.

A hopeful person always thinks positively.

I don’t care what I look like, or what anyone thinks.

There is someone out there Who thinks you are amazing!

What a girl thinks while making love?

A man gets an ego boost when he thinks to himself.

Every guy thinks about you.

Everyone around me thinks I will be very successful.

She thinks about me and loves me.

My brain thinks extremely fast.

I don’t know what he thinks.

He thinks of you.

Try not to care so much about what he thinks.

Nobody thinks of leaving you off for such trifles.

He thinks before speaking.

He thinks I am a bad person.

I think just as he thinks.

She thinks highly of you.

She wants to explain what she thinks on this issue.

She thinks that she is right.

I want to know what he thinks.

He thinks he is a big boss.

He thinks twice before he speaks or acts.

I am not so foolish as he thinks me to be.

He is not so important a man as he thinks.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

He thinks he knows everything.

He thinks not only of the present but also of the future.

He thinks of his own brother as his worst enemy.

He is unwilling to contest the election as he thinks he is sure to lose.

He thinks a small house is not in keeping with his status.

He thinks he is better than all of us.

He thinks little of me.

She often thinks of marrying.

She thinks of getting married several times.

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