taught in a Sentence

By whom are you taught Mathematics?

Children must be taught to show honour to their elders.

Children should be taught to be very careful while crossing the road.

He has taught me the most important lesson of my life.

He taught them how to make a sand temple.

You have taught me the value of life.

He taught me how to walk when I was a baby.

My mother taught me until the tenth.

I taught him how to swim.

Who taught you English?

Mahatama Gandhi had taught non-violence.

It is better to be untaught than ill taught.

We are taught English by him.

It was you who taught me to sing.

Who taught you all this ?

He taught me how to speak English.

Who has taught you Hindi ?

It was you who taught me.

The teacher has taught the letters of alphabet.

By whom are you taught English?

A variety of subjects is taught in this school.

No lesson was taught today.

He taught me how to sing.

Had I been at your place, I would have taught him a lesson.

Who has taught you English today?

I taught you this lesson yesterday.

Whom have you taught ?

By whom have you been taught English ?

The teacher taught us a new lesson.

By whom were you taught such tricks?

They have taught their tongue to speak lies.

Mathematics is taught in every school.

By whom were you taught French ?

Who taught you how to drive?

The library is very useful for both the teacher and taught.

I am taught by a number of teachers.

He taught me how to write.

Players should be taught to play in the team spirit.

Computer Applications is now taught as part of the school curriculum.

They taught him to read at an early age.

He taught me Mathematics.

I hope your defeat in the election has taught you a lesson.

There are many teachers by whom I have been taught from time to time.

I asked my younger brother who taught him English.

By whom are you taught English ?

He taught me how to face an interview.

A number of subjects can be taught with the help of television.

He taught me the value of books.

What had the experience taught him ?

He has taught me everything.

So children should be taught at least one foreign language at school.

He was taught at home.

Who taught him ?

He taught her to read Hindi.

The teacher taught me to speak English.

I taught him a lesson.

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