surroundings in a sentence

He is staying in ugly surroundings.

We should always live in neat and clean surroundings.

It is seen that the poor people live in places where their surroundings are not hygienic.

Newspaper helps us to aware of our surroundings and increases our knowledge.

Various types of diseases erupt from unclean surroundings.

We should grow plants in our surroundings to keep the air fresh and clean.

A child consciously or unconsciously becomes whatever he observes at home and his surroundings.

Newspapers are the cheapest source to know about the happenings of the surroundings.

Our hearing can be affected by living in a very noisy surroundings.

Use imagination to make your surroundings more pleasant and attractive.

Bad thoughts spoil the surroundings.

I felt lost in my luxurious surroundings.

He is alert of his surroundings both is business and private life.

Unhygienic surroundings cause many health problems.

It is our responsibility to keep our surroundings neat and clean.

The surroundings of the village is full of fields and trees.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean.

A morning walk brings us into contact with the beautiful surroundings of nature.

He lives in pleasant surroundings.

He lives in very slovenly surroundings.

Man has caused a lot of damage to the surroundings in which he lives.

My college has beautiful surroundings.

I have adjusted myself to the new surroundings.

He lives a life of poverty, by and large in unhygienic surroundings.

I have adjusted myself to the new surroundings.

I have settled down to the new surroundings.

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