support in a sentence

He assured me of his full support.

Friends are needed for support and for sharing.

Friends are an important source of support and objectivity.

Forests are the support system of our lives.

Social support from friends and family members also promotes good mental health.

I am very thankful for the support of my family.

His legs are too thin to support him.

I want you to support me.

I need your support.

Your support enabled me to successfully tide over all difficulties.

We will always support you in whatever decision you make.

Kindly support him.

Her support was apparent.

What is the support price of wheat ?

We will support you.

My friends will support me.

So far as he is concerned, he wall support us.

Is there nobody to support me ?

Will you not support him ?

I shall support you through thick and thin.

I wish you would support her fully.

It was due to my support that she succeeded.

We earn to support our family.

He will never support you.

What evidence do you have to support your contention?

He has five children to support for.

I’ll support you in every possible way.

His support furthered my career.

I am very grateful for your support.

Which team do you support?

Thank you for your support.

You should support me.

They always have been my pillars of support.

You can’t depend on his support; he is a turn coat.

If you support me, I will make a protest.

They have not withdrawn their support.

I bank on your support in this hour of difficulty.

We have withdrawn our support.

She told me that she would not support me.

You must go there to get his support.

Please lend me your support.

Being paralytic, he could not walk without support.

But for our support, he would have lost the election.

Unless you mends your way, you can’t get our support.

I relied on her support and she played me false.

The proposal has been put in cold storage for want of majority support.

I have to support several dependents.

He will support us.

Politicians defame each other to win public support.

I shall support him so long he is here.

I requested my brother to support me.

She owed her success to my support.

He made an attempt to walk without support.

She promised me frill support.

The scheme failed for want of support

I will support you in weal and woe.

She is dependent on me for support.

People from all over the world offered their support and sent money to help victims.

I have no money to support you with.

I shall always support you.

He should support me.

Can you cite any precedent in support of your claim?

Please cite some examples in support of your point.

We do not support a war.

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