substantial in a sentence

High-velocity winds had caused a substantial damage to farmers.

Some people have the habit of delaying a work without any substantial cause.

He has a substantial role in this film.

Nigeria is a substantial importer of food grains.

I want to do something substantial in life.

There is no substantial evidence against him.

Reservoirs play substantial role in global warming.

This is not a small matter, this is a substantial matter.

Hyperthyroidism can result in substantial weight loss.

If you have too much glucose in your body for a substantial amount of time, it can lead to diabetic problems.

Tea drinkers have a loyal and substantial standing of their own.

Olive oil contains substantial amounts of good cholesterol.

Having Jaggery in excess may lead to substantial weight gain.

Celebrities do wear a substantial amout of make-up.

What is meant by substantial offence?

You need a substantial amount of money to make a substantial profit.

There is substantial weight in your new theory.

You do not possess any substantial proof against him.

There has been a substantial increase in crime.

Synonyms of Substantial

extraordinary, big, major, significant, strong, firm, persistent, solid, ample, considerable

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