struggle in a sentence

During the struggle for freedom, Punjab played a leading role.

Attainment of success is a life-long struggle.

Fruits of one’s struggle are most enjoyable.

God helps those who struggle in life.

Life is nothing but a big struggle, but just keep the faith and focus on your goals.

Remember the harder you struggle to succeed, the more is the joy of your success.

He went to jail a number of times, during the freedom struggle.

Nothing worthwhile in life comes without a struggle.

They remained in the jail in connection with the freedom struggle.

The film industry was particularly charged with patriotism during the struggle days.

We got this success after nearly 8 years of struggle.

It was a long struggle with many ups and downs in my personal life.

Fire-fighters struggle for 5 hrs to tame flames.

He has been with me through all the hardship and struggle I went through.

Some films inspire the people to struggle in life without losing heart.

Facial hair is something that most women struggle with.

Weight gain is a problem that so many of us struggle with.

Are you tired of the struggle that you are going through in your life every day?

He relinquished the struggle for power.

There is always a struggle for existence in this world.

Life is full of struggle.

Life is a hard struggle.

Man surpassed animals in his struggle for survival.

Most of us have to struggle hard for the bare necessaries of life.

He thought of giving up the struggle.

One should never give up one’s struggle midway.

The real essence of life lies in struggle.

He played a heroic role in India’s freedom struggle.

The youth of our country played a very important role during our freedom struggle.

Life is a struggle from the beginning to the end.

It is full of struggle.

She took part in the freedom struggle.

We must remember the leaders of the freedom struggle.

Life is a continuous struggle and we should face it unitedly.

Don’t worry, we are all behind you in this struggle.

He had to struggle very hard before he could find any place in life.

They struggle hard to fulfil their aim.

He was one of the greatest orators of the era of freedom struggle.

He gave an aim to struggle for.

It is the story of man’s struggle for a living.

The great nations have achieved greatness after a long struggle.

India achieved independence in 194 7 after many years of struggle.

He was one of the most influential leaders in freedom struggle.

During our freedom struggle, many leaders worked for the uplift of the underprivileged.

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