strive in a sentence

We must strive to do the best in life.

We should strive for excellence in whatever we do.

Ambition gives us a reason to strive, to struggle and to live.

The people who strive to achieve excellence tend to find the right direction.

We should always strive to do good acts.

Always strive for quality education.

We should strive for quality education.

We must strive to foster communal harmony.

Strive to maintain law and order.

We strive to make bitter things better.

We should try to develop and strive for a better living.

I strive for perfection in anything I undertake.

I have to strive hard for whatever I want in life.

We must strive to preserve our social and cultural ethos.

We strive hard to achieve what we want in our life and career.

I had no choice but to strive to meet the challenge and rise to the occasion.

We should strive for excellence.

Stop lying and strive for honesty.

Trust yourself and strive towards an excellent future.

Strive for the results that are best for you.

Strive for empathy.

A good sleep is something that you must strive to achieve.

Strive Hard.

Strive to live a quiet life.

We should always strive hard to do something new in life.

On bad days, strive to be gentle with yourself and practice self-compassion.

We all strive to get a figure like a celebrity and maintain it by hook or crook.

Strive to develop your unique self.

Strive to really think good of others.

We must strive to achieve perfection in life.

We should strive for noble and handsome deeds.

One should have a firm determination to strive and win.

We should strive to maintain the spirit of common brotherhood.

We should strive to achieve excellence in life.

You should strive to perfect your singing.

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