strength in a sentence

The total strength of the students in our school is above 1000.

The students are the strength of the nation.

The enemy appeared in great strength.

Union is strength.

Avoid anything that will sap your strength.

He was a very strong and powerful man and used to boast a good deal of his strength.

Failures are a testing ground for assessing the internal strength of a person.

Strength of belief took Walter Davis to great heights.

Laughter brings strength.

We need emotional and mental stability more than physical strength to achieve success.

He possessed unparalleled mental strength.

Self-confidence is your inner strength.

He admired his father for his strength and courage.

My father has been a pillar of strength for me.

Wisdom is always superior to physical strength.

Do not misuse your strength.

Wisdom is greater than strength.

He physical strength is matchless.

Never misuse the power and strength.

In strength and valor he had no equal.

She is a pillar of strength to us.

He laid out all his strength on this job.

His strength helps him a lot.

You need a good tonic to bulid up your strength after your recent illness.

Wisdom is better than strength.

You must put forth all your strength.

He always boasts of his strength.

May God give you strength !

In spite of his great strength, he was overcome.

He had no strength enough to do this job.

The elephant has great strength.

They said, “May God give us strength to bear the heavy loss!

A true friend is a support and strength of life.

He is a man of great talent and strength.

He had recovered his strength.

He possesses great strength.

Everyone loses strength in his declining years.

He is superior to you in strength.

Union is strength.

Unity is our biggest strength.

She is the epitome of power and strength.

Mere physical strength without intelligence cannot carry a man very far.

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