stout in a sentence

His hard work makes him stout and strong.

They had stout and muscular bodies.

He had a stout impressive body.

Her mother is a stout lady.

Sports make our body stout and muscular.

They are stout birds.

He is fair complexioned with stout body.

My brother is stout and fleshy.

He has a stout and well-developed body covered with muscles and fat.

He has a stout physique.

This diet will make you stout and healthy.

We should try to construct a stout and healthy nation.

Stout beer is known for being rich in flavor and heavier in consistency than other beers.

Trapdoor spiders are black or brown, with stout bodies and legs.

He is stout in appearance.

She is a stout girl with little sense of fashion.

He walked with the aid of a stout stick.

He is a curt, stout man with little patience for probing questions.

What does stout taste like?

He found a stout supporter for him.

Snake eagles have stout legs and short toes.

She did not panic and put up a stout resistance.

My best friend is well built and stout.

He is of average height and stout built.

He is physically stout and robust person.

He is very strong and stout.

Our soldiers offered stout resistance to the enemy.

She is stout and fair-complexioned.

He is very strong and stout.

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