how to use Start in a Sentence

We cannot start while it is raining.

You must start quite early in order to finish all the work.

The meeting doesn’t start for another twenty minutes.

When does your school start after summer break?

How do you start this machine?

When do you want me to start working?

As winter draws near people start wearing woolen clothes.

We shall start after breakfast.

I shall start for Shimla tomorrow.

The meeting will start at a.m.

When do we start ?

He got a good start in life.

When shall we start ?

Shall we start on foot ?

They’ll be reassured to start it.

He wants to start business.

It is time to start work.

I intend to start the new book tomorrow.

Don’t start crying now.

If you do not start recovering tomorrow, we’ll go to a better hospital,”

As the taxi arrives, we will start.

I shall start my work as he comes.

His interest in studies has been unstable right from the start.

Do not start crying over the spilt milk.

You must start now, for it is already late.

Many a times, children start neglecting their studies because of TV programmes.

Since his father is very rich, he can start any business.

Why don’t you start your own business ?

The examination will start on Monday.

It is time to start the match.

The match is about to start.

As soon as we got there, we start working.

The game is about to start.

At what time does the train start ?

You should start this work from tomorrow.

Unless we start now, we will not be able to reach the function in time.

The sun having risen we decided to start.

The match will start at four o’clock.

Do not start till I say.

I will start the business, as soon as I get the licence.

I shall start this work from tomorrow.

Rain is about to start.

You should start working.

They are unable to do so at the first attempt.

Some people start exercise and want overnight benefits.

I take my bath and start getting ready for the college.

You should start taking part in games.

When will your examination start?

We must start without further delay.

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