Star in a Sentence

Sun is the nearest star to the earth.

His superb acting made him a star overnight.

He would become a film star’

It is high time to start working hard for the examination.

Please learn to put right gears before you start learning driving.

He would become a film star.

As soon as the Pop star appeared on the stage people started hooting.

Boys and girls swarmed round the film star to get his autograph.

Every body knows that the sun is a star.

The sun is a star.

O that I were a star !

May the star never set !

He is the star of the family.

I have not met him after he became a star.

His name shines like a star in the world of cricket.

He was lured to Mumbai in the hope of becoming a film star.

He is the star of the family.

Would that I were a film star !

She is a super star.

He is only a falling-star.

Can you distinguish between a planet and a star ?

I’m going to be a pop star when I grow up.

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