spiritual in a sentence

Starting the day with prayer is a good spiritual habit.

Mahatma Gandhi ji was a god fearing and spiritual minded person.

Great spiritual reformers have sacrificed their personal comforts, family and even food and shelter to seek God.

What is the deepest and most profound insight you’ve had in your spiritual journey?

I gave a spiritual discourse to youths at a national youth camp.

I came here for spiritual bliss.

He is known throughout the world for his abundant spiritual powers.

My country has a rich spiritual heritage.

He is one of the greatest spiritual leaders.

This is a tourist and a spiritual destination.

He is spiritual.

He is a man of spiritual nature.

Spiritual health is an important component of our well-being.

Share your spiritual experiences with others.

To drop the arrogant self is truly being spiritual.

What is spiritual freedom?

The polite man always has the spiritual victory.

She is a spiritual lady.

Mahatma Gandhi propagated the spiritual value of truth.

This dream has given me some kind of a spiritual power.

He was a great social reformer and spiritual leader.

Since his very childhood, he started showing a strong spiritual leaning.

He is a God fearing and spiritual minded person.

Character lends a man spiritual beauty and material success.

The importance of simple living has been emphasised by all spiritual thinkers.

I believe in spiritual gain.

She is a spiritual lady.

Mahatma Gandhi propagated the spiritual value of truth.

Indians have always believed in spiritual values.

After his retirement he has become interested in spiritual matters.

People are more interested in temporal advancement than in spiritual progress.

Character gives man spiritual beauty.

He is not satisfied with his mental and spiritual attainments.

He is worried about his mental and spiritual progress.

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