It is a simple unpretentious building.

He lives a very simple life.

I’m a very simple girl.

Please cook a simple meal.

It is so simple that even a child can understand it.

You cannot solve a simple problem.

He is simple and so he is loved.

I prefer to teach in a simple way.

He is simple to a fault.

He is too foolish to understand a simple thing.

He teaches in a very simple manner.

It is easy to get over such simple problems.

You can’t solve a simple problem.

Wordsworth’s poetry is written in simple language.

A simple boil may develop into an ulcer.

Modern fashions do not impress the simple village folk.

He is a dull student, takes long time to grasp a simple point

He was so confused that he could not answer even simple questions.

Even a child can solve this simple puzzle.

It is very simple.

He is too simple.

This dress is too simple to week at the function.

Use simple language.

A sentence which has only one Subject and one Predicate is called a Simple Sentence.

Years ago, people died young because of simple things such as an infection or a virus.

Our food should be simple but wholesome.

As far as possible use simple words.

Can’t you solve a simple problem ?

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