sense in a sentence

People with a sense of humour don’t take things too seriously.

Community singing generates a sense of unity, love and brotherhood.

He is devoid of common sense.

He is wanting in common sense.

A person without a deep sense of self-esteem can never be happy.

Some people have no dress sense.

In the preoperational phase children use language and try to make sense of the world around them.

Most people do not have the sense of recognizing people from inside and this quality lands them in unpleasant situations.

Your sense of judgment is praiseworthy.

He has a sweet temperament and a good sense of humour.

Eyes, ears, nose , tongue and skin are sense organs.

You have a good sense of understanding?

He has a rustic sense of humour.

He possesses a deep sense of humour.

He lost his sense.

Our English teacher is blessed with a fine sense of humour and wit.

He has an unparalleled sense of wit.

She has a very dark sense of humor.

He has no sense of humor.

Do you have any sense?

He has a peculiar sense of humour.

You have a good sense of humour.

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