selfless in a sentence

She is really a symbol of sacrifice and selfless service.

People are remembered for their selfless service to humanity.

By no means, it is a selfless service.

The best thing about him is that he is really selfless.

I am a selfless person, who wants to do my bit for the welfare of the society.

He is a strong and a selfless friend.

He has done selfless service to humanity.

He has been awarded for his selfless service to humanity.

The aim of my life is selfless service to society.

He was awarded Rs 5000 along with certificate of honour for his selfless service towards mankind.

In my opinion no one can be as selfless as God.

He rendered his selfless service in the interest of mankind.

He is offering selfless service to the needy.

Selfless service consists in rendering service to others with no thought of gain.

In selfless service, you perform your actions but you desire nothing.

We salute all of you for your selfless services.

They are known for their selfless service.

He stresses selfless service to society.

They had dedicated their life to the selfless services of the people.

He has set an example in selfless social service in the state.

Society applauded for his selfless service.

He has rendered selfless service to society.

Citizens should work with selfless approach and high values for all round growth of society.

He is remembered for his selfless service.

She is called the idol of selfless service.

They devote their lives to selfless service.

There is great joy in selfless service

He is a symbol of sacrifice and selfless service.

Synonyms of Selfless

generous, altruistic, philanthropic, unselfish, magnanimous, ungrudging, liberal

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