seldom in a sentence

Two of a trade seldom agree.

Success without failures is seldom possible.

Most of us seldom pay attention to some minor aspects of lifestyle.

Most of us seldom understand introverts.

He seldom answers my call.

If you seldom wash your hands before eating anything, germs may invade your system easily.

She seldom demands.

They seldom take the interest in looking at you.

They seldom suffer from illnesses.

Most of us seldom eat fruits.

They seldom ask for anything in return.

We seldom pay attention to what food combinations we eat.

Most of us seldom eat according to the body type.

Seldom do we realise that there is a link between the mind and the body.

Most of us seldom use vinegar for beauty.

Generally, men seldom clean or organise their rooms.

We are so engaged in our hectic and busy lifestyle that we seldom get time to think about our own self.

He seldom bothers about his own food habits.

He seldom answers our calls.

Most of us take a shower everyday but seldom do we wash the navel.

They seldom argue with you.

He seldom comes here.

He seldom stayed with me for long.

He seldom visits the office.

He seldom goes to the cinema.

He tries hard, but he is seldom successful.

I am seldom late.

He seldom or never comes to me.

Barking dogs seldom bite.

He seldom corresponds with me.

He seldom smokes.

You will seldom see him here.

He seldom goes out at night.

She seldom or never tells lies.

I seldom drive after sunset.

Misfortune seldom comes alone.

He is a forlorn personality, seldom seen in the company of friends.

Selfish parents seldom care for their children.

I seldom go there.

Those who exercise regularly, seldom suffer from depression.

I seldom keep him waiting.

He is quite contented with his lot and seldom grumbles.

Those who take exercise daily seldom fall ill.

People seldom appreciate others.

The timid seldom succeed in life.

He seldom or ever smokes.

He seldom went out.

She seldom loses her temper.

He was quiet by nature and seldom spoke.

He never brushes his teeth and he seldom takes a bath.

She goes out seldom at night.

I seldom find time for this.

I seldom travel by bus.

I was very regular in attendance and seldom absent.

He seldom expresses his feelings.

synonyms of seldom

a few times

every now and then

from time to time


hardly ever

in a few cases




not often

not very often


on and off

once in a blue moon

once in a while



scarcely ever








antonyms of seldom





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