scorching in a sentence

The scorching sun tortured people with its heat.

Trees give us shade to save us from the scorching heat.

He works from morning till evening in the scorching heat and biting cold.

There is no respite from the scorching heat these days.

Rain brings respite from scorching heat.

Scorching heat calls for special eye care.

They are protesting under a scorching sun.

How can you play under such a scorching heat.

Scorching heat not only affects human beings but animals too.

Trees provide shelter from scorching heat.

He became unconscious due to scorching heat.

Showers bring respite from scorching heat.

Avoid getting exposed to the scorching sun.

These days due to scorching heat, one hardly heaves a sigh of relief.

Mercury is touching the sky and scorching heat affecting the health of city residents.

After a short span of scorching summer, rain brings hope and joy.

May is scorching and heat is at its peak.

It was a soothing experience after days of scorching heat.

The city is reeling from scorching heat.

After the scorching season of heat, rains are bliss!

The rainy season, no doubt, is a welcome change from the scorching summer.

The residents got relief from scorching heat.

Everybody fears going out in the scorching sun.

The scorching sun did not allow people to get out of their houses.

People from the plains flock to the hills to escape the scorching sun.

He works in his fields in scorching heat and severe cold.

In summer, he works in the scorching heat.

The scorching sun does not allow people to get out of their house.

It is almost intolerable to walk in the scorching heat of the sun.

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