scope in a sentence

What is the scope of nurses in India?

What is the scope of development communication in India and which are the colleges?

There are only two people working in this office. There is no scope for any growth.

The real beauty of noble deeds, kind gestures and goodness of heart is beyond the scope of death.

The civic sense lies within the scope of good manners.

An ideal school gives to students the scope and the spirit of healthy competition.

When we commit ourselves to a decision, we leave no scope for any ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

School must have sufficient scope for all round development of the child.

A person suffering from superiority complex actually restricts his scope to grow.

The scientific approach widened the scope of history and enriched it.

There is a lot of scope of growth in this sector.

If it is diagnosed at an early stage, there is more scope for improvement.

During summer, the scope for bug bites would increase.

He is beyond the scope of words or mind.

Mount the scope on the rifle.

A spotting scope is similar to a small telescope.

Buy a good scope for your gun.

What is the future scope of the digital marketing industry?

Please tell me something about the scope in this field.

What is the scope of town planning in our country?

Your plan has a very limited scope.

Music has a lot of scope today.

There is a vast scope for improvement.

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