scared in a sentence

He scared me by talking about ghosts.

Those who are scared of tests cannot triumph in life.

Parents and teachers have the responsibility to see that the child does not get scared of school or teachers.

Often he gets scared by loud sounds.

In case of failures, one should not be scared of the comments and criticism of the people.

He looked a little scared.

Are you scared of dogs?

Are you scared of a mosquito?

He looked nervous and scared.

I am not scared of dying.

I am scared of you.

He scared away the stray animals.

The farmer scared off the stray animals.

What are you scared of?

He is extremely scared.

I am very scared.

I am not scared of anything as my parents always support me.

I am scared of being framed.

I am scared to express my views in this matter.

I am scared of my Hindi and Sanskrit teachers.

Who isn’t scared of unrequited love?

It was pitch dark and I was scared.

He is very bossy and a lot of men are scared of him.

Are you scared?

I am scared of my wife in all ways.

I am scared of going on a plane.

I am not scared of you.

I am very scared of heights.

I am scared of losing her.

Why is she so scared of you?

Do you think I scared it.

You are too much scared of it without any cause.

I am scared, I haven’t studied anything.

He is always scared of the adversities of life.

I am not scared of the ghosts.

Children are scared of these dogs.

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