same in a sentence

Both these locks open with the same key.

We should meet with triumph and Disaster with the same equanimity.

We should not pay back in the same way when we are being lied about or hated.

We should take both our victory and loss with the same equanimity.

To meet and to depart are two sides of the same coin.

Things do not remain the same for ever.

You and he are birds of the same feather.

He is constantly making the same mistakes.

We studied in the same school right from the beginning.

In the Television we can see the picture and hear the sound at the same time.

He said the same thing about you.

I am facing the same issues.

This is the same toy that I gave you.

It is the same chair as yours.

He has been solving the same question for two hours.

This is the same pen as mine.

This is the same girl that we met yesterday.

My books are same as yours.

He rebuked me and I paid him back in the same coin.

He looks innocent all the same he has deceived me.

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