respect in a sentence

We should respect our teachers.

We should respect our elders.

We should respect all religions.

I respect teachers.

We should always respect our National Flag and never let its honor go down.

We should respect our teachers, parents and elders.

He gives full respect to his elders.

I have great respect of my teacher.

We can gain respect at home, at work and in society by being polite.

I hold respect for all classes of people.

How can we make our employees happy and how can we get respect from them?

We bow as a sign of respect.

One who cannot respect himself, cannot expect to be respected by others.

I have great respect for scholars.

We must learn to respect the feelings of others.

We must respect our elders.

He likes his subordinates to respect him.

We ought to respect our parents.

I respect my father because he is very kind.

She has no respect for her elder sister.

We ought to respect law.

I am not without respect for my patents.

People respect the brave.

It is the duty of the young to respect the old.

Everyone of you is talented in one respect or the other.

He likes his juniors to respect him.

You should respect your elders.

You should respect your elders.

People respect him because he is outspoken and not afraid to tell the truth.

We respect the freedom of others.

Everybody ought to respect his elders.

We must respect our teachers.

You should respect your parents.

You should respect your elders.

He treats the poor with the same respect as he does the rich.

I am fortunate in this respect.

We should treat our teachers with respect and reverence.

They had no respect for him due to his cruel behaviour.

He has little respect for his teachers.

I respect you.

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