regular in a sentence

He is very punctual and regular.

He is very regular and punctual.

We should take care of our cleanliness on regular basis.

Regular medical check-up of animals is also very important.

Regular exercise can lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol levels.

He was not regular in the class, hence he could not pass the examination.

A player cannot attain perfection unless he devotes himself to regular practice.

Regular health checkups and immunization are the best way to protect your child.

Satisfying your taste buds is okay but regular food should be delicious as well as healthy.

Our village has regular bus-service to the city.

I am a regular reader of books.

He looked horrible. He did not get regular education at school:

He should be regular and punctual in his work.

Be regular and punctual.

Why are you not regular to your work?

Regular pressing up will help you shape your body well.

With regular exercise she shed some of her weight.

She is a regular helper.

Please be regular in future.

You ought to take regular exercise.

He is regular in his attendance at office.

Few students are as regular as you.

He is a regular turn-coat.

Do you keep regular hours?

Be regular in your studies, or you may fail.

He dealt with grief on a regular basis.

My friend recommended your restaurant as he is your regular customer.

He is regular in the payment of income-tax and other taxes.

He keeps regular hours in everything he does.

They do no regular work.

You are a regular volunteer to help the patients.

I am a regular reader of your paper.

A regular sweeper should be fixed to clean the streets and lanes.

I coughed loudly at regular intervals.

I am sure the regular treatment will make you get rid of it in no time

All my friends are good students and they are regular in studies.

Honest, regular and obedient students would be awarded every year.

E-mail has definite advantages over letter-writing or other regular mails.

I am a regular reader of your paper.

In order to avoid depression and keep ourselves fit we should take to regular physical exercise.

We should be punctual and regular in our work-schedule.

He is always regular and punctual.

We should take regular exercise and eat good and nutritious diet.

He is regular in attending the school.

Work hard and be regular in your studies.

He is too idle to do any regular work.

We lead here a very regular and disciplined life.

He is regular in his studies.

How do we feel when we have regular work to do ?

He is regular and punctual.

It’s good for you to take regular exercise.

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