regarded in a sentence

The aim of education is regarded as an all-round development of one’s personality.

He is regarded as one of the best players.

Facing a black cat on the way is regarded unlucky.

He was regarded as an impostor and called a villain.

Most people regarded him as a highly literate person.

Kalidas is regarded as the Shakespeare of India.

He was regarded as a tolerant king.

The common man is regarded as a VIP during elections.

Who was widely regarded as the Milton of Bengal?

A man without a good memory is regarded eccentric.

He was regarded as the leading philosopher of the world.

The aim of education is regarded as all-round development of one’s personality.

It is regarded as man’s enemy.

He is regarded as the future and hope of his family.

Discipline is regarded as the backbone of national unity.

Reading is regarded as an important source of knowledge and information.

Today computers are performing those tasks which had been regarded impossible.

It is regarded sacred.

It is regarded as the greatest blessing for him.

It is now regarded as a milestone of the modern world of communication.

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