real in a sentence

Farmers are the real backbone of a nation.

He is my real hero and my best friend ever.

Real journalism is dead.

It is health which is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.

One who enjoys good health can enjoy life in the real sense.

This is a matter of grave concern and a real shock.

She is stunning and truly gorgeous in the real sense.

I have a real interest in history.

Is this real?

He has no real sense of humor.

A real friendship should not end due to petty arguments.

Difficult situations are the real test of bravery.

He is a real gentleman.

He is a very kind-hearted person and my real hero and best friend.

It is a pity that the real value of water is not realized.

Strictness for self and liberality for others is the real greatness.

In terms of real peace, we are very far from it.

You are a real asset to the group.

She is a real beauty.

Children are the real future of the country.

It is like the real home.

Can you guess my real age?

Try to get at the bottom of the whole affair and see what is the real cause for it.

These pearls are not real but artificial.

Yes it is a real story.

I know the real facts.

A true friend is a real guide.

It is a pity that the real value of water is not realized.

He wanted to serve the people in the real sense.

A real friend stands by you when you are in trouble.

The real beauty of a person lies in noble nature and high character.

Examinations do not test the real ability of a student.

The real beauty of a man lies in his character.

It was a real ordeal.

She is a real ace.

The question you asked me was a real teaser.

The report has exposed the real reason behind the failure of the project.

He looks brave but has real fears inside.

What should be the real purpose of reading ?

We usually forget that real success comes with hard labour.

He has a real thirst for knowledge.

Watching the snowfall is a real treat.

Work is real worship.

I will find out the real cause.

The real aim of education is all-round development of man.

He is the real lord of his own self.

She is a real gem.

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