rapid in a sentence

India has made a rapid progress in agricultural development during the last decade.

The rapid population increase is another cause of pollution.

The rapid growth of the population should be checked.

Child marriage is a great factor for the rapid growth of population.

Many industries have come up owing to rapid urbanisation.

If our body and mind are tense, our breathing will be rapid, shallower, jerky, non-rhythmical.

The population is increasing at a rapid speed but the production of our resources like food grains is not increasing with the same proportion.

They devised a plan to rapid a shop.

The world is changing at a rapid pace

He made a rapid dicision.

He is a rapid reader.

He is conversing on the phone at a rapid pace with someone.

Don’t scare her by pouncing on her like some rapid dog.

The natural resources are depleting at a rapid pace.

Lemon is one of the many vegetables that aids in rapid weight loss.

Cardio exercises are of particular importance when it comes to rapid weight loss.

Lavender oil contains antiseptic properties that promote rapid healing of the skin.

Did you know that cleansing can actually help with rapid weight loss?

Most women face rapid gain of weight during or after pregnancy.

Water helps to cut fat and thus aids in rapid weight loss.

He made rapid movements.

He made rapid progress.

Try to make rapid progress.

At the break of the monsoon the temperature had a rapid fall.

The population of the country is growing at a rapid pace.

Medical science has made rapid progress in the last few decades.

The change in our village in the last two years has been rapid.

He made a rapid progress.

This firm is making a rapid progress.

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