quietly in a sentence

He quietly slipped through the back door.

The easiest way to relieve stress is to sit quietly and relax your body.

he can’t sit in one place quietly.

He has quietly acquiesced to my demands.

Stress accumulates quietly and turns into a serious health problem.

He is going to do it quietly.

I prefer to do things quietly.

Speak quietly and softly.

How do I open it quietly?

I believe in doing my work quietly.

Sit quietly.

Eat quietly.

Please close the door quietly.

He is Known for quietly helping the needy.

He quietly left the country.

He came and went quietly, without drawing the notice of the crowds.

We will not sit quietly.

Why do some people sneeze quietly?

He works quietly and diligently.

He quietly left the room.

He left the place quietly.

He is speaking very quietly.

She slept quietly.

I did not hear his answer as it was spoken quietly.

I went there quite quietly.

He works quietly.

He quietly slipped away.

The students are sitting quietly.

The thief moved quietly in the darkness.

He came quietly here a few minutes back.

He came quietly.

I quietly slipped away.

She stole out of the meeting quietly.

Please leave quietly and don’t make a scene.

He lies quietly in his bed.

You’re speaking very quietly.

Please speak quietly.

She bore her suffering quietly.

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