punctual in a sentence

He is a very punctual boy.

He is very punctual and never misses any period.

He is punctual and broad-minded.

He is very regular and punctual.

Be punctual.

We should learn to be punctual.

A punctual man does everything at the proper time.

Nature is very much punctual in its phenomenon.

He is punctual and broad-minded.

A person who is punctual understands the importance of time.

He is very punctual.

The absentees are warned and asked to be punctual in future.

She is very professional and a very punctual actress.

Be punctual and devote your full time during working hours to the duties assigned to you.

Be regular and punctual in attending classes.

Be punctual at and in your work.

When it comes to being punctual and doing his duties perfectly, he is unmatchable.

We should be punctual in our duties.

I am known for being punctual in the industry.

He is punctual about devoting his time and attention to plants.

He is punctual and tries his best to reach on time.

We’re very punctual.

Be punctual and do your work regularly.

I like such students as are regular and punctual.

You must be punctual.

He is very punctual in the matter of attending office.

You ought to be punctual.

He is very punctual and regular in doing his home-work.

A student has to be punctual to make the most of his time.

He is not only punctual but also regular.

Now I shall be punctual.

If you are not punctual, you will be in trouble.

He is very punctual.

He is always punctual and does every work at the right time.

He is always punctual and is fully aware of his duties and responsibilities.

He is regular, punctual and thorough in his work.

We must be punctual, disciplined and focused in our work-schedule.

He is punctual to the minute.

You have to be very punctual.

He is regular and punctual.

She is always punctual.

A punctual man is never in want of time.

Why is a punctual man never in a hurry?

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