Prosperity in a sentence

Diwali is the festival of wealth, prosperity and happiness.

It is rightly said that prosperity makes friends and adversity tries them.

Prosperity and success are the result of our thoughts and decisions.

Your prosperity or poverty is a result of your thinking.

Married ladies observe Karwa Chauth in order to ensure prosperity and long health of their husbands.

He is leading a life of prosperity and luxury.

Truthfulness is the best policy, we have to adapt it in our lives to attain peace, prosperity and happiness.

Goodness in all walks of social life builds up civilization and brings peace and prosperity.

Everybody desires prosperity.

May prosperity be with you.

Diwali is the festival of celebrating happiness and prosperity.

Spreading the message of peace and prosperity is the need of the hour for the whole world.

Agriculture and industry are the two pillars of economic prosperity.

In prosperity a person has numerous friends.

Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

She is the epitome of strength, success and prosperity.

Your prosperity and well-being depend on it.

In China, red symbolizes prosperity.

May this beautiful festival of Diwali fill your lives with joy, happiness, prosperity.

We all strive for peace and prosperity.

May peace, joy, prosperity come everybody’s way.

we all want to bring in a lot of prosperity and happiness into our homes.

May you enjoy prosperity in business !

He is envious of his friend’s prosperity.

May God bless you with prosperity !

May you live in prosperity !

Our future prosperity consists in hard work at this time.

Prosperity gains friends, but adversity tries them.

My father has paved the way for me to prosperity in life.

Collection of simple & meaningful prosperity example sentences.

He is leading a life of prosperity and luxury.

We should not envy the prosperity of others.

The reason of his prosperity is known to everyone.

He is not jealous of the prosperity of his brothers.

Prosperity gains friends, adversity tries them.

May God bless you with long life and prosperity, my son!

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