praised in a sentence

Our engineers and doctors have been praised globally.

He was praised for pulling the fallen climber out of the crevasse.

The association was praised for its activities.

Everybody praised him.

He praised me for my good work.

Everyone praised his courage.

He praised me to the skies.

A man of upright life is always praised.

He was praised by his teacher.

The boy whom they praised has failed.

The principal praised the student for his merits.

Everyone praised me for my brave act.

His father praised him.

He was praised for his manly qualities.

I met the man whom everybody praised.

His role in the play has been praised by all.

Everybody likes being praised.

Being praised by all, she grew proud.

We praised him for his bravery.

Everybody praised him for his stand against the injustice.

We have always praised her.

He likes to be praised by his friends.

The students whom we praised were good in their studies.

Everybody praised me for my decent acting.

Everyone praised her dance.

The teacher had praised the students.

They were praised for performing their duties.

She likes to be praised by her husband.

Everybody is desirous of being praised.

He praised us for our excellent behaviour.

Everyone present there praised me.

She is praised for her accommodating nature.

All my friends clapped and praised me very much.

Everybody praised him.

He praised his brave act.

The Principal praised the teacher for her excellent lesson.

All the people praised me for my bravery.

Everybody praised me for my daring act.

She was praised by her teacher.

They praised his bravery.

1 praised him to the skies

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