poverty in a sentence

One of the major effects of poverty is increase in crime.

They are living in abject poverty.

Poverty and lack of schools are the primary reasons of child labour in any developing country all across the world.

Driven by poverty, he took to begging.

Poverty is the principal and parent cause for the prevalence and persistence of child labour.

These days I am living in acute poverty.

Poverty had made my condition pitiful.

The famished faces of these people reveal their poverty.

Because of their poverty they did not have the means to spend much.

All of them rose from poverty to power by facing the grim realities of life.

Many people live in poverty today.

I have seen bad days because of poverty.

He tried his best to remove poverty and un-touchability.

Poverty is a curse.

Poverty is one of the biggest curse in anybody’s life.

This scheme is for senior citizens who are below the poverty line.

Malnutrition is not always a result of poverty.

He was stuck by the poverty.

He was very sad due to his bad luck and poverty.

He lived in extreme poverty.

Some people cry in poverty.

Due to poverty, he cannot pay the fee.

Do not sneer at his poverty.

Very poor people do not get even a square meal because of poverty and high prices.

Poverty compelled him to indulge in social evils.

He was put to humiliation on account of his poverty.

Poverty drove him to suicide.

Notwithstanding his poverty, he is happy.

Let us endeavour to end poverty.

Poverty is the biggest wretchedness of mankind.

Poverty has exhausted him at the young age.

I preferred death to poverty.

The administration in the country is working ceaselessly to eradicate the root cause of poverty.

He often lives in poverty.

I shall help those friends who stood by me in my poverty.

Man learns many things from poverty.

He had to lead a miserable life due to poverty.

Children are forced to work due to poverty, over-population and illiteracy.

The famished faces of these people reveal their poverty.

How can poverty be removed ?

I don’t want to lead a life of poverty.

I shall look as if I were poverty stricken.

He died in poverty.

He is honest in spite of poverty.

Bad health is a more terrible enemy than poverty.

In spite of poverty, he is happy.

He was granted help on the ground of poverty.

We must do something to end poverty.

He has been struggling against poverty.

His childhood was spent in poverty.

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