popular in a sentence

Tulips are popular in Kashmir.

She is very popular with all her colleagues.

He became one of the most popular leaders of the world.

He was a very popular man.

Advertisements are popular with every age-group.

Television is one of the most popular means of audio-visual communication.

Our headmaster is popular with the people.

Cricket is one of the most popular games in India.

That film is based on a popular game.

He is popular for his liberty and unselfishness.

This park is very popular place of our city.

He was very popular with children.

The news of his death spread like wildfire as he was a very popular social worker.

I am very popular in the colony.

Draughts is a popular game.

I have become very popular in the school on account of music.

He is very popular amongst his colleagues.

He is a very popular figure.

Some of my poems were published in popular magazines.

He is popular with everybody.

Vodka is very popular in Russia.

He is very popular with his employees.

It’s a popular dish in this country.

Indian classical music is now popular in the west.

Why is Soccer so popular around the world?

The Hindustan Times is a popular newspaper.

He is one of the best and most popular teachers of our school.

He is very popular with his students.

His plays are popular.

Our Principal is very popular.

It is very popular and shining.

He is a popular film hero.

He is one of the most popular singers of the time.

Hamlet is a popular work by Shakespeare.

His engaging personality made him popular with his peers.

He is not popular with his classmates.

This book is popular and is selling like hot cakes.

He is a very popular leader and receives good wishes from people all over the world on his birthday every year.

He is popular for his jocularity in the company of his friends.

He is popular in this class.

It will always remain popular.

The ease in swiping a credit card for a purchase has made it very popular nowadays.

This is a popular tourist destination.

He is very popular with the students.

Rice is the most popular food item of India.

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