pleasant in a sentence

Good parents are a blessing and make our life pleasant.

It is pleasant to see the first rays of the sun touching the earth.

It is very pleasant today.

A picnic gives us a pleasant change.

A pleasant flowery fragrance emanated from his body.

She is a beautiful child with pleasant demeanour.

A life of labour is much more pleasant than a life of idleness.

Weather turns pleasant after rain.

Weather has taken a pleasant turn today.

Weather has changed from harsh to pleasant today.

Happy songs trigger pleasant memories.

The weather is likely to remain pleasant during this month.

Rain has made weather pleasant.

We have enjoyed a pleasant evening after light showers.

The evening is pleasant here due to clouds in the sky.

He died a pleasant death.

This is a pleasant evening walk.

The showers spelt a pleasant evening.

It is a pleasant moonlit night.

He is a pleasant, trusting person.

What a pleasant surprise!

It was indeed a pleasant surprise.

It was not pleasant yesterday.

We spent a pleasant day outside.

The spring season is very pleasant.

“How pleasant the rain is ! ”

These flowers give out pleasant smell.

Had we not a pleasant experience ?

I will give you a pleasant surprise.

What a pleasant surprise to talk with her!

By his pleasant manners he gained many friends.

What a pleasant surprise !

It is pleasant to go up in a swing.

It is very pleasant day.

This season is very pleasant.

His pleasant manners win every body to his side.

Her company was very pleasant and genial.

The weather has become pleasant.

We had a pleasant time at the river.

The trees afford a pleasant shade.

What a pleasant weather !

It being a pleasant day, we went out for a picnic.

It is very pleasant in this garden.

This is a very pleasant spot.

I shall take back very pleasant memories of working here.

The morning is very pleasant.

This is a pleasant spot for a picnic.

It is a spot that is pleasant for picnic.

I had a very pleasant dream.

The cool and pleasant air will refresh our brains.

What a pleasant surprise!

The weather is very pleasant; let us go out for a picnic.

Life is as pleasant as you make it.

He will give you a pleasant surprise.

Spring is a pleasant season.

It is a pleasant spot for a picnic.

The weather was pleasant.

Last night I had a pleasant dream.

It was hard and dry but pleasant to touch.

Our visit to Agra was highly pleasant.

I had a pleasant dream last night.

The weather became cool and pleasant.

The warmth of the blankets on a winter rainy day is very pleasant.

It is very pleasant to think of our childhood friends.

I will never forget that pleasant picnic.

In the early morning, the chirping of birds is very pleasant to our ears.

I want you to accompany me on this pleasant tour.

Early morning is very pleasant and charming.

The reading of novels is a pleasant pastime for many of us.

What a pleasant evening !

How pleasant the weather is !

We had a pleasant and comfortable journey onwards.

To sit in the sun on a cold day is pleasant.

How pleasant it is today !

To sit by the fire on a cold evening is pleasant.

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