how to use Period in a Sentence

I go to the library in my vacant period.

I am free in this period.

See me after this period.

Animals incubate twice in a year during the period of their heat.

The workers of the factory have gone on strike for an indefinite period.

Childhood is a period of rapid growth.

The students went on making a noise in their free period.

Run fast, else you will miss the English period.

We get lunch break after the sixth period.

Never control your urine for a very long period.

He passed through a long period of sufferings.

He came close to victory in a very short period of time.

Several students missed their period.

He was ill for a month and during that period, he did not go out.

The world economic situation keeps fluctuating from one period to another.

Hobbies of people change over period of time.

I would like to rent a house for the one year period.

She was ill for a week and during that period she ate nothing.

I tried to approach him after the period but he refused to listen to me.

It is always rewarding to spend a period or two in the library.

Summer vacation is the happiest period for a student.

There should be a compulsory period of games in the school.

We assure you that this loan will be paid back in a period of 12 months.

Corporal punishment affects a student psychologically and may disturb him mentally for a very long period of time.

Meet me after the period when I am free.

Student life is the most important period for a man.

Youth is the best period of life.

The recess is the period of enjoyment.

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