peace in a sentence

I have made peace with my boss by clarifying all the misunderstandings.

When you take one positive step during your problems, you will find peace in it.

One can gain peace by being happy.

Gandhiji believed in peace.

Peace is the need of the time.

A man with a sound body can enjoy real contentment and peace of mind.

Good manners help to keep peace in society.

God is the giver of peace.

He was a great lover of peace.

The white flag is universally recognized as an appeal for peace.

The white colour in the Tiranga represents honesty, peace and purity.

I love peace of mind.

External freedom and inner growth are necessary for peace.

He is remembered as an apostle of peace.

Peace is the greatest blessing that can be desired by humanity in the present-day world.

Everyone wants peace.

Gone are the days when man enjoyed peace of mind.

To study one needs concentration and to concentrate one needs peace of mind.

Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

When we are content and at peace within, the need for excessive consumption gets diminished automatically.

Life in a big city is very fast, busy and devoid of peace.

It is a great pilgrimage place of imparting solace and peace to the burning soul.

He enjoys complete peace of mind.

Countrymen enjoy their peace because the soldier guards their boundaries and protects them from any aggression from the enemy forces.

We are demanding more from life everyday, and lose our inner peace in the process.

Nervousness, destroys peace and concentration.

Indiscipline gives no peace and progress in the life instead creates lot of problem.

Patience is the root of all power and peace.

We are at peace with what we have.

How to attain real happiness and peace of mind?

The real source of joy, peace and happiness is within us.

For peace of mind and contentment, we need to look inwards rather than outwards.

We all care for peace.

We will live together in peace and harmony.

He showed the path of peace to the whole world.

He is peace loving.

Peace is out of sight in that country.

He is a peace  loving, compassionate man.

Civilizations can prosper only when there is peace.

He is an angel of peace.

I am a great lover of peace.

I advised him to make peace with his neighbour.

Who does not want peace ?

Our country is desirous of peace.

She is desirous of peace.

I wish for a life of peace and contentment.

God gave me peace in my sad days.

He is a man of peace.

Peace of mind is more precious than the materialistic richness.

Why not you live in peace ?

All people love peace.

Bad people disturb peace.

May you live in peace !

Let him live in peace.

He has peace of mind.

He will spend the remaining years of his life in peace.

We want peace.

Good-will promotes peace.

We want peace in the world.

Peace sweetens life.

We all pray to God to grant peace to his great departed soul.

A country can progress only during peace time.

The Prime Minister attended the World Peace Conference.

He is at peace with himself.

Where will I have peace of mind?

We wish you peace and plenty in the New Year.

May God grant peace to the departed soul !

Peace is essential for the economic development of the country.

Peace is necessary for the progress of a country.

The revolt was brought under subsidence and peace restored.

May God grant peace to his soul!

You can put your mind at peace because your bag is safe and secure with me.

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