patience in a sentence

He has great patience.

To complete any project, there is a need for patience and constant hard work.

We should have the patience to wait when there is need to wait.

One can cure and rectify himself only by patience.

One must possess the inner confidence and the patience to succeed.

Please don’t weep, have patience.

To complete any project, there is a need for patience and constant hard work.

Kindness, understanding and patience cannot be repaid.

He does not lose patience in difficult situations.

Listen to your partner with patience may improve your relationship.

People who are desirous of achieving their mission in life must imbibe endurance and patience.

He is an embodiment of patience and perseverance.

Success is the result of planning, patience, and perseverance.

A fatigued mind cannot have patience and think rationally.

Patience is needed in this job.

He lost his patience.

You have pleased me by your patience.

Mother Teresa had lots of patience and kindness.

I have a lot of patience.

Tell him not to lose patience.

Patience is a mark of confidence.

Patience and perseverance can conquer all obstacles.

I haven’t much patience.

Patience pays.

We are aware of his patience.

Don’t fret and fume for nothing; have patience.

My patience wore out at last.

Are you testing my patience?

Be quiet and have patience.

I appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Have patience.

Have patience please.

The student heard the teacher with patience.

Courage and patience will carry you through difficulties.

Don’t lose patience I will set it right.

Mahatma Gandhi had unceasing patience to withstand opposition.

Be quiet and have patience.

I waited with patience for your return.

Understanding a problem needs patience.

He acted with courage and patience.

The patience that he showed was remarkable.

They lose patience for nothing.

Accidents and diseases test man’s patience.

It requires hard work and patience.

She has shown much patience.

He has no patience.

You should face your problems with patience.

My teacher instilled the quality of patience in us.

Don’t try my patience.

Remember, patience always pays.

You can learn swimming if you have patience.

Games teach us the lesson of discipline, team-work, patience and punctuality.

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