pampered in a sentence

The rich man pampered his son.

He is the most pampered and mischievous member of the family.

They are the most pampered ones in our home.

From being a pampered son, I am now an independent person.

I have a son who is pampered.

I don’t like to be pampered.

He is the spoilt and pampered son of an affluent family.

He was the most pampered and everyone’s favourite child in the house.

Is your child overly pampered?

Kids which are over pampered by their parents develop a disrespectful attitude towards others.

They are pampered by their loved ones.

She Is pampered To Heights.

Pets love to be pampered just like any human being.

Sometimes, women like to be pampered and pleaded with.

Women love to be appreciated, loved, pampered and cared for.

All women love to be pampered in some way or the other.

Some children need to be pampered.

He is pampered to the core.

This dog breed needs to be pampered.

History is pampered with hundreds of smart men who have managed to change the world.

He was pampered by his parents.

You have pampered your servant too much.

You have pampered your servant too much.

The rich man pampered his son.

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