painful in a sentence

It is painful to read news reports regarding the axing of trees.

It is very painful.

Cracked heels aren’t only embarrassing but are a highly painful skin condition.

It can be a very painful condition, especially if left untreated for too long.

Why do people believe that love is painful?

Never sleep on the side of your shoulder that is painful.

This tragedy is very painful.

Is Love painful?

A boil is in itself very painful.

The tongue bite takes time to cure but it can be painful.

How painful is it to have a tooth extraction?

Waxing is painful.

Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth.

Painful periods are a constant worry for many women.

Hemorrhoids are typically itchy and painful.

Is it painful?

Life can be painful at times.

It is painful but unfortunately true.

He died a painful death.

What did you learn from your most painful life experience?

What is the most painful thing on earth?

It is painful that you are not working seriously.

Partings are often painful.

The beating was painful and he cried.

Old age is very painful.

Old age is really painful.

How painful the wound is!

This is a most painful story.

This news is very painful to me.

This duty is painful to me.

Mumps is a disease with painful swellings in the neck.

Parting in life is always painful.

The end of a drug addict is very painful.

The sight of the accident was really bloody and painful.

The sight was very painful.

The wound to our self-respect is more painful than the physical injury.

Parting from one’s friends is painful.

As I was getting ready, I heard a painful cry.

The beating was painful to him and he cried out.

It was a very painful scene.

It is too much painful.

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