enthusiasm in a sentence

She is bubbling with enthusiasm. He is full of enthusiasm for music. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. He is an example of hope and enthusiasm for everyone. Enthusiasm and success go hand in hand, but enthusiasm comes first. The one who works with hope and enthusiasm succeeds in life. He … Read more

came in a sentence

Television came to India in 1959. Science came into existence when man struggled to overpower the forces of nature. I switched off the machine and it came to rest. He walked down the aisle and came to the altar. He did not notice me when he came in. The picture came out of the frame. … Read more

pleasure in a sentence

I have found pleasure and joy in every piece of my writing. Reading books is the highest type of pleasure that a man can get before and after his everyday work. Morning walk gives me a lot of pleasure. What a pleasure it is to meet you after all these years! Tourism means the principal … Read more

travelling in a sentence

In modern times, travelling has become very popular. Guru Nanak Dev Ji spent thirty years in travelling and visited many holy places in India and other Asian countries. Travelling is always a source of joy and education. Travelling brings us into a living contact with the world, its people and their ways of life. Travelling … Read more

curse in a sentence

A big family is a curse not only for an individual, but also for the nation. Science is both a blessing and a curse. He did nothing but curse his fate. During Summer season the intense heat and the scorching sun rays are a curse. An act of wisdom can turn a curse into a … Read more

educate in a sentence

Our government is doing its best to educate the people about the need for family planning. We must educate our people to practise family planning. I shall go to the village and educate not only the children, but also the grown ups. We should educate our children about the importance of forests. He has three … Read more