well being in a sentence

Sleep is necessary for your overall health, fitness and mental well-being. Healthy thoughts, right behaviour gives one the mental well-being. We are worried about our jobs, children, their education and health, and the family’s well-being. Everyone should be conscious of their personal fitness and mental well-being. If we have spent wisely, saved well and invested … Read more

perception in a sentence

A good driver must have a good perception of distance. Reading enhances our knowledge and perception towards the outer world. With her keen perception the teacher understood the students’ problems. Perception about right and wrong depends on time, place and circumstances. Looking at unhappy circumstances with a different perception can make us feel better. Perception … Read more

patience in a sentence

He has great patience. To complete any project, there is a need for patience and constant hard work. We should have the patience to wait when there is need to wait. One can cure and rectify himself only by patience. One must possess the inner confidence and the patience to succeed. Please don’t weep, have … Read more

glamorous in a sentence

I want to do something different, glamorous and exciting like becoming a detective. Glamorous rings are making a comeback. They provide an elegant finishing touch to any ensemble. Glamorous women have always been desirable in the world of fashion. She is one of the most glamorous women of the world. The glamorous lifestyle is commonly … Read more

hard working in a sentence

Teachers should be sincere, hard working, understanding and devoted towards their profession. Employers are constantly on the lookout for hard working employees. A hard working and self-dependent person outshines and becomes an an ideal for others. He was a hard working student. He is a very intelligent and hard working student. She is an efficient … Read more

worried in a sentence

People are more worried about others, success than own failures I am a bit worried about my spendthrift brother who squanders a fortune on each dress. I am worried about your health. I am worried about my future. Scientists and statesmen today are worried over man’s misuse and abuse of nature and science. One who … Read more