amazed in a sentence

We were amazed at his behaviour. I was amazed at her extent of her knowledge. His conduct amazed them. I am amazed at your performance. She was amazed at her own audacity. I was amazed and touched by the effort he made. I was amazed at her beauty. I am amazed at your boisterous behaviour. … Read more

scorching in a sentence

The scorching sun tortured people with its heat. Trees give us shade to save us from the scorching heat. He works from morning till evening in the scorching heat and biting cold. There is no respite from the scorching heat these days. Rain brings respite from scorching heat. Scorching heat calls for special eye care. … Read more

comfortable in a sentence

Our stay was very comfortable. I do not feel comfortable in social gatherings. Travelling has become comfortable by the use of a variety of vehicles on land and seas as well as in the air. Man has been able to invent various things in science and technology for a better and comfortable life. Our domestic … Read more

fought in a sentence

They fought to the last. I like all freedom fighters who fought for the freedom of our country. He fought for his country. The second world war was fought between 1939 to 1945. He fought a losing battle. He fought till his last breath. He always fought for the cause and dignity of general people. … Read more

huge in a sentence

Our school has a huge library. My college has a huge library. He stood before a huge mirror and arranged his tie. A huge population are dying daily just because of disease caused due to the lack of cleanliness. He has suffered huge financial loss. The police recovered a huge quantity of habit- forming drugs … Read more

scared in a sentence

He scared me by talking about ghosts. Those who are scared of tests cannot triumph in life. Parents and teachers have the responsibility to see that the child does not get scared of school or teachers. Often he gets scared by loud sounds. In case of failures, one should not be scared of the comments … Read more