joint in a sentence

The joint family system is a feature of agricultural societies. The joint between the thigh and the lower leg is called the knee. In the olden days, a child learnt the important lessons of love, sharing and caring naturally while growing up in a joint family. We live in a joint family. For want of … Read more

must in a sentence

Exercise is a must to keep your body fit and mind alert. Peace, is a must for mankind in the modern world. Travel light if you must. You must give me clear-cut instructions as to what I should do. We must take care that nobody kills animals. The old fort must have been magnificent in … Read more

arson in a sentence

Terrorists caused arson on a large scale. Eight persons are arrested for arson. They were arrested for arson. A case of arson and rioting has been registered against him. They are booked for arson. A complaint has been lodged against them for rioting and arson. He was booked for arson and damaging public property. He … Read more

juxtaposition in a sentence

This idea can be a juxtaposition. The sculptures and carvings in this temple are a juxtaposition of the Hindu and the Buddhist relics. I like the interesting juxtaposition of animate with inanimate objects. It is a juxtaposition of all these ideas. Sometimes the juxtaposition of certain news items is sharply ironic. The fascinating juxtaposition of … Read more

tortured in a sentence

He was tortured by the police in jail. The police tortured them in custody. He was tortured to death. He was physically tortured before his death. He was tortured pretty badly. He was brutally tortured for a number of days. He was tortured to sign blank papers. He had been falsely implicated and tortured. I … Read more

late in a sentence

You must refrain from coming late to the class. I went to bed late last night. The Police were late in arriving at the scene of the crime. He comes home very late at night. The Dehradun Express is running half an hour late. You were late by an hour. I am late for school. … Read more