voice in a sentence

Raja Rammohan Roy was the first person to raise his voice against the sati system. His voice seems familiar but I cannot make out who he is. She has a good singing voice. He always shouts at the top of his voice when he is in anger. He shouted at the top of his voice. … Read more

loves in a sentence

My grandmother loves me very much and entertains me by relating short stories. Every child loves the stars. She loves reading and writing. Man loves flattery. She loves me with all her heart and soul. I feel no one loves me and so I feel lonely and neglected. He loves his country very much. My … Read more

everyday in a sentence

Everybody was on the side of the lady. We often feel tensed in our everyday life. A person can become truly great in his everyday life with the help of small deeds. Bipolar disorder is a serious brain disorder that causes dramatic shifts in moods, energy levels, attitudes and ability to carry out everyday tasks. … Read more

back in a sentence

She carried her child on her back. I have no politician to back me. He will be back in a few days. He was seated comfortably on a camel’s back. He quietly slipped through the back door. Wait here till I come back. I assure you that you will get back your book in two … Read more

after in a sentence

I left the office after anyone else had left. He is after my money. An ideal teacher does not run after money. Always keep things in the proper places after use. Everyone needs a little rest after hard work. India is the second largest country after China in terms of population and manpower. I left … Read more

lost in a sentence

Many a person has lost their life and property in the riots. If we lost the morning hours of life, we shall have to repent afterwards. A big amount of soil is lost due to soil erosion storms, overgrazing and deforestation activities. Many men lost their jobs. I have lost my watch. Time once lost … Read more