drugs in a sentence

They are training these dogs to sniff out drugs. Use of drugs is very common among the youth of today. Most of the students starts taking drugs as a matter of fashion. The government should make use of mass media to educate the people about the harmful effects of drugs. Use of drugs is very … Read more

competition in a sentence

Do you wish to sit for the competition ? There is competition at every step of life. There is competition everywhere. I have seen cut- throat competition in most of the professions. He is not hopeful of his success in the competition. You are not eligible for appearing in this competition. What a long competition … Read more

aims in a sentence

He aims at all-round development of his personality. He aims at helping the poor. True education aims at an all round development of a student. I received the guests with open aims. She aims to become a doctor. I do not have very ambitious aims in my life. He aims at getting practical education. He … Read more

affected in a sentence

Recently, I have returned from the tour of flood-affected areas. Tender minds of the children are affected by the programmes they watch. Some social organisations have come to the help of the affected villagers. The revision of scales affected some employees adversely. Immediate relief should be provided to the people in flood-affected areas. Over work … Read more

according to in a sentence

He always carried out his duties according to instructions. You must take medicines according to the doctor’s advice. Cut your coat according to your cloth. I shall act according to your advice. He acted according to the instructions of his father. Tone your voice according to the occasion. Everything grows and dies according to natural … Read more

recovery in a sentence

There is little hope of his recovery. Yes, but complete recovery will take time. What did the doctor say about his chances of recovery ? I pray for your recovery. I am happy to know about your recovery from illness. I pray to God for your speedy recovery. I wished my friend a speedy recovery. … Read more