pocket in a sentence

She could not pocket her insult. He has some money in his pocket. There are five rupees in my pocket. I had left home without money in my pocket. Take out if anything you have in your pocket. If you are a self-respecting man, you will never pocket an insult. What is in your pocket … Read more

practise in a sentence

You must practise at least an hour a day. We must practise what we preach. Efficient officers do not practise red-tapism. If you practise, you learn it. Conquetry is an art which only a few ladies can practise. They practise regularly. I practise law. He practises what he preaches in life. It is easier to … Read more

out in a sentence

Please do not leave the door open when you go out. He was really not cut out for hard physic work. People who are accustomed to reading newspapers feel out of sorts if they do not get it. The experiment was carried out successfully. The rain began to fall just as we decided to go … Read more

obey in a sentence

We should obey the laws of the country. He refused to obey my orders. He does not obey my orders. You must obey your officer. He made me obey rules. I used to obey my parents. Should we obey our elders ? We obey the laws of our country. He shall obey, whether he likes … Read more

dispersed in a sentence

As the sun rose the fog dispersed. The police having arrived, the mob dispersed. The crowd dispersed when the police used tear gas. The mob has dispersed. The crowd dispersed before the police had reached there. When the sun rose the fog dispersed. As soon as the police arrived the crowd dispersed. The soldiers having … Read more

wood in a sentence

The natural beauty of wood is unmatched which adds to the character and warmth of any space. Wood floats on water. He brought the Indian team out of the wood by his solid batting. I was tired from chopping wood during the day. Dry wood is used as fuel. Trees give us wood. Dry wood … Read more