employed in a sentence

I am self employed man. Are you employed in that office ? Thousands of people are employed in this field. We employed five workers. I have employed them to do the job. Thousands of people are employed in either the fashion industries or the fashion business. He is employed in a factory. He is employed … Read more

distress in a sentence

I should have helped him in his distress. I have heard of your distress and am ready to help you. I was horrified at the sight of so much distress. He went to friend and told of distress. It is only in times of distress and emergency that a leader’s mettle is tested. During his … Read more

deeds in a sentence

A person is judged by his noble deeds. From their lives I get inspiration to do great deeds. A man of noble deeds is remembered by the coming generations. His deeds gave the life to his words. He has done deeds of great heroism. He was neither ashamed nor sorry for his deeds. The noble … Read more

ceremony in a sentence

It was an exciting ceremony to watch. A bridal ceremony should be simple. The marriage ceremony was performed at a propitious moment. We attended the marriage ceremony with a great interest. We missed you very much during the ceremony. Do not stand on ceremony and let me know your needs. Don’t stand on ceremony make … Read more

blows in a sentence

He gave him many blows. If we go on talking like this, we will soon come to blows. They were exchanging hot words and soon after they came to blows. From words, they came to blows. I do not like a person who blows his own trumpet. At last they came to blows. From hot … Read more

becoming in a sentence

The whale is in danger of becoming extinct. Travelling by air is now becoming more and more popular. He aims at becoming rich and works hard. Your talk is becoming childish. Travelling by bus is becoming more and more popular everyday. Kitchen gardening is becoming very popular these days. Travelling these days is becoming very … Read more