laborious in a sentence

He is quite laborious by nature. He is very laborious. He is usually laborious. The engineer was praised for the laborious job of cleaning up the river after the floods. He is a very laborious student. Paddy plantation is a laborious and a slow task. It is a laborious and painstaking process. This work is … Read more

usefully in a sentence

I wanted to spend these usefully. A well laid-out routine helps man spend his time usefully. A newspaper keeps a man usefully busy. He may usefully introduce a few more changes. I spend my time usefully. Mushroom contains a high fiber content which is a usefully constituent of our diet. We should utilize our time … Read more

each other in a sentence

They had known each other for forty years. We must all try to help each other. We have known each other for the last ten years. Einstein has proved that matter and energy are convertible into each other. A husband and a wife should confide in each other. My little brothers are always fighting with … Read more

frolic in a sentence

Diwali is celebrated with full and frolic by all. Holi is a festival of colours, fun, and frolic. People indulge in fun and frolic on the day of deepawali. Amid the fun and frolic, it is all the more necessary to be wise and practical. We call Holi the festival of colours, fun and frolic. … Read more

shade in a sentence

Trees provide shade to men and animal. I am resting under the shade of a tree. Trees give us shade in summer. I am sitting on a boulder in the shade of a tree. The wide-spreading branches provide shade for weary travelers. Please bring the plants under the shade. Never have a companion who casts … Read more

universe in a sentence

Our knowledge of the universe has been widened on account of untiring efforts of astronomers. God is the creator of the universe. If there were no punctuality, the universe won’t go. Sun is the main source of energy in this universe. This universe is composed of atoms. Discipline is the very basis of this universe. … Read more