However in a Sentence

However hard he may run, he cannot beat me in the race. He was not sincere however he got promotion. However hard she may work, she cannot pass the examination. However often I tried, I could not find the answer. However fast he may run, he cannot win the race. He did not work hard, … Read more

Funny in a Sentence

His speech was very funny . He always tells funny jokes. He made funny remarks to excite laughter She writes funny plays. He is not only intelligent but also very funny. His speech was so funny that it excited laughter. It is very funny. His looks are always funny., He sang a funny song. He … Read more

how to use For in a Sentence

I am hardly late for the office. We would have ruined but for your help. She has set off for Delhi. He served me for ten years. She made a cup of tea for me. I am waiting for you to take you to the market. She paid him back for what he did to … Read more

Dictionary in a Sentence

The dictionary is so big that it can’t be read in a day. You should look all these words up in a dictionary. Are you using your dictionary? Tom’s dictionary is over there on the table. He seems to know the whole dictionary from A to Z. The teacher told the boys to look up … Read more

how to use About in a Sentence

Don’t quarrel about religions. Think about it from every angle before buying it. He lied about that. You must look about a good job in the newspapers. A rumour has got about that he is going to resign. I wonder about that. After the death of his father, he threw about his fortune. Don’t let … Read more

how to use through in a sentence

I looked through the book carefully. He will pull through. We will make a world tour through the sea route. Have you gone through the reports yet? One’s character is reflected through one’s behavior. Some people sail through life without a care. I shall leave no stone unturned to get through the I.A.S. examination. Could … Read more