whom in a sentence

Whom do you like the most ? This is the person whom I told you about. Whom did you meet on the way home? To whom is he writing? About whom are you talking? Whom did you explain your problems to? Among these candidates whom do you think we should vote for. Whom did you … Read more

how to use which in a sentence

In which box did you keep my purse ? Which pen do you like ? The dog which you like is very costly. The moment which is lost, is lost for ever.mm He found the book which he had lost. That which cannot be cured must be endured. Which book is yours ? Please tell … Read more

how to use whether in a sentence

Do not know whether the weather was bad. I shall go back on foot, said he, over the whole, to see whether I can find it. I doubt whether he will pass. I cannot say whether he will pass this year or not. I do not know whether he goes or stays. I don’t know … Read more

how to use its in a sentence

The dog wagged its tail at seeing me. Every country has its peculiar traditions. The jury is considering its judgement. The company wants to expand its business. The sun gives its own light. Where is its need ? India is known for its rich culture. The jury is giving its verdict just now. Let the … Read more

Do in a Sentence

What business do you carry on ? How do you prepare for your tests ? I do not know why they fell out. Can I do anything for you ? I do not know him well. Please do not go. Do you know the way to college ? Let me do it for you. All … Read more

how to use Subject in a Sentence

He lectured on the subject for hours at a stretch. Does this book bear on the same subject as that? Math is the toughest subject for me. Which subject do you like best? Mathematics is a difficult subject. I heard him speak on this subject. He is a master of his subject. Hindi is my … Read more