prevalent in a sentence

This system is still prevalent. In ancient times, co-education was prevalent in Greece. He sought to eradicate the prevalent social evils. Obesity is a major disease prevalent among the children. In ancient times, co-education was prevalent in Greece. Peer pressure affects not only children and teenagers, it is also prevalent in adults. Co-education is prevalent … Read more

fortitude in a sentence

We should face difficulties with fortitude. Only fortitude and a strong will, will enable you to face this misfortune. He defied all norms of patience, perseverance, and fortitude. We should face this problem with fortitude. Donkey, because of its perseverance and fortitude, carries loads even when tired. It is the story of a man of … Read more

hospitable in a sentence

He is hospitable to a fault. She is very hospitable. The conditions on Mars are believed to be hospitable since the planet is similar to Earth in many ways. This is the locality of ever smiling and hospitable people. WHY is this world turning more violent, less hospitable? These people are very hospitable to outsiders … Read more

humane in a sentence

Our treatment must be humane to the poor. Being together is humane. They are very generous and humane individuals. It is my nature to be kind, gentle and humane. Your humane tendencies have always won you favourite friends. Is humanity becoming more intellectual and less humane? What is the meaning of humane? I don’t see … Read more

possesses in a sentence

She is sixty years old yet she possesses a strong body. My mother possesses all the qualities of an ideal mother. He possesses a keen sense of duties and responsibilities. Water possesses the unique attribute of perpetuity. Every person possesses an insecurity regarding his sustenance. He possesses many remarkable qualities. He possesses leadership qualities. She … Read more

Ambition in a Sentence

Every one has an ambition in life as to what he wants to become. My ambition is to serve the masses of my country. Everyone has an ambition in life. Ambition makes life meaningful. To achieve something in life, one must have a definite ambition. I have no ambition in life. My ambition in life … Read more