orator in a sentence

He was a great orator.

He was not only a great writer, but also a great orator.

Sarojini Naidu was world-famous poetess, an impressive orator and a brave freedom fighter.

He became a well-known orator.

He is an excellent orator.

He became a distinguished and admired orator of the day.

He is an outstanding orator.

He got the prize for ‘Best Orator’.

He is not only a keen observer but also an eloquent orator.

He is a fine orator and can speak on any topic extempore.

He is an orator of eloquence.

He is an exemplary orator.

The fact that he is a great orator cannot be denied.

He is a famous orator.

He is a great orator.

He spoke as though he were a born orator.

A great orator knows how to move the feelings of the listeners.

Eloquence is an essential quality of a fine orator.

I am a good orator.

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