objective in a sentence

He worked hard but could not achieve his objective.

She could not achieve her objective.

He succeeded in his objective.

I successfully achieved my objective.

His attitude was greatly helpful in the achievement of my objective.

He is indifferent to the means what matters to him is the objective.

He made the objective of his visit quite plain.

It is objective type of marking.

The main objective of this society is service to the people.

Their main objective is to attract the maximum number of people.

The primary objective of the Act is augmenting wage employment.

He has succeeded in achieving its primary objective.

The main objective of ragging is to ‘break the ice’ between the senior students and the new entrants.

The ultimate objective of education is to inculcate human values.

My objective is to complete the project in two weeks.

Our objective has been defined clearly and unambiguously.

To achieve this objective, sufficient funds have been allocated under various employment schemes.

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