nuisance in a sentence

The mischievous child created a lot of nuisance in the class.

Drinking is a great nuisance.

It is a big nuisance to me.

Pressure horns create nuisance.

Noise is not merely a nuisance, but a serious environmental problem.

Pressure horns are a source of nuisance for the public.

He was arrested for causing ruckus and creating public nuisance.

Stray animals create nuisance on roads.

Smell of animals and cow dung creates nuisance for the nearby residents.

He caused a lot of nuisance here.

These days we are facing the nuisance of stray animals.

The use of pressure horns has created nuisance all over the city.

He was found creating nuisance under the influence of liquor.

Pressure horns on buses and cars have become a nuisance.

That will ultimately create a nuisance.

Stray cattle and dogs have become a big nuisance.

We have taken strict measures to check the nuisance.

It is a big nuisance to me.

Begging is a nuisance.

He was becoming a nuisance, so I had to send him away.

The noisy child was a continued nuisance to others.

Their spoiled child has become a great nuisance in the family.

Loudspeakers have become a nuisance in our town.

Smokers are a nuisance in public places and public mode of travel.

She is a source of nuisance for the whole locality.

Sir, please give instructions to the concerned department that this nuisance is strictly checked.

You are always a nuisance.

He is a big nuisance to society.

A rainy day in winter is a great nuisance for the poor and the underprivileged.

A smoker is a great nuisance to his fellow travellers in a bus or a train.

The heavy traffic on this road is a real nuisance.

Your dog is a big nuisance.

He is a thorough nuisance.

He is a nuisance to me and the others in the colony.

These stray dogs are a source of nuisance as well as a serious threat to the people.

She is a source of nuisance for the whole locality.

He is always a nuisance to the whole class.

The street dogs are a great nuisance.

Everybody regards him a nuisance.

He is considered a nuisance.

Your dog has become a great nuisance to me.

He has been a great nuisance for our family.

I cannot put up with this nuisance.

Stop the nuisance.

Synonyms of Nuisance

headache, irritant, blister, annoyer, pain, vexation trouble, aggravation, besetment, problem

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