nice in a sentence

It is nice to see you again.

This is a nice place.

Every Sunday, we go out for lunch to some nice restaurant.

It is nice of you to come here.

How nice of you to think of me.

She is a nice girl.

She is a nice lady.

He is a nice man.

He does nice things to others.

He was very polite and nice to me

He is actually a nice person.

He is nice to all his patients.

She is a very nice girl.

What’s wrong with nice girls?

He is a very nice boy.

He is a nice guy.

On the whole, she is a nice girl.

I have a nice and spacious house.

That is so nice of you.

Well, it was nice talking to you.

You should always put on nice clothes when you go out.

He has a nice sum of money.

It’s a nice day, isn’t it?

This is a nice book.

What a nice dress you are wearing!

He has a nice job.

I want a nice watch to give as a present.

We had a nice play of football.

Can you smell those nice flowers ?

Listen to that nice music.

Your dear mother was so nice to me that I felt quite at home.

I heartily thank you for sending me a nice gift on my birthday.

It was a very nice show.

It is a nice poetry.

I have a nice house.

She was presented with a nice gift.

I am having a nice time these days.

This is a nice book.

I agree it is a nice proposal.

Our school is situated in very nice surroundings.

The atmosphere in our college library is very nice for reading.

He is a very nice boy and does not allow me to feel bored.

It was a memorable and nice picnic.

It was indeed nice fun.

The weather was nice yesterday.

It’s nice to see you again.

How nice to see you!

Did you have a nice time?

She’s a really nice person.

It’s a nice morning.

He’s a nice person.

We had a very nice meal.

We had lunch in a very nice restaurant.

It’s a very nice room.

Be nice to me!

This is a nice restaurant, isn’t it?

How nice you are !

I am spending my time in a very nice way.

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