national in a sentence

Lotus is the national flower of India.

Our national flag is ‘tri-colored.

We all love and respect our national flag.

26th January is the most important national festival of our country.

Festivals in our country are a great social, cultural, and national value.

Learn the National Anthem by heart.

Dishonouring the national flag is a serious crime punishable with imprisonment and fine.

Many efforts are bring made in order to conserve wildlife on national and international level.

Many National parks and wildlife sanctuaries have been set up to protect and care for the animals.

TV viewers can watch national and international games played anywhere.

There can be no national unity without discipline.

Many divisive forces are at work to break our national unity.

Peacock is the national bird of India.

Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh is considered one of the largest tiger Reserve Park.

5th September is our national teachers day.

Who was the founder of Indian National Army?

In our National Anthem, we pray to God to bless our Nation.

Hunting is banned in national parks.

We celebrated National Girl Child Day by staging a street play on save girl child at various places in the city.

He won gold with new national record.

I want to join National Cadet Corps.

The Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort on August 15 every year.

We saluted the national flag.

It was treated by the people as a national disaster.

It is our duty to preserve our national monuments.

We ought to salute our National Flag.

Smugglers of foreign goods try to make big money by betraying national interests.

Which actor has won the most national awards in India?

He is a member of the National Cadet Corps.

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