more in a sentence

He loved his country and countrymen more than he loved himself and his family.

I have still three more questions to solve.

The more difficult a task, the more passion and efforts it requires.

The more knowledge a person gets, the more he realize what areas he is ignorant in.

Children have a lot of curiosity to know more about new things.

A person, who has experienced failures, will enjoy success more and will make all efforts to retain it versus a person who has never seen failures in his life.

Nowadays we are using more of CNG vehicles as they are non-polluting and cheaper.

We naturally tend to think and do what appeals more to us.

One who has not studied may be more intelligent assertions.

Instead of cutting down trees, we should grow more of them.

An injury is forgiven more easily than an insult.

All living organisms possess consciousness but that of humans is more developed and complex due to presence of the faculties of mind and intellect, unlike animals and plants.

I can’t stomach any more.

Put some more milk in the kettle.

He wants it more than me.

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